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FEMYWALSH is a team of consultants, media professionals, development experts, and social entrepreneurs passionate about driving positive change worldwide. Our team has extensive experience in development consulting, media production, content development, and strategic communication and a deep understanding of the complex challenges facing individuals and communities in different parts of Africa and the Middle East.

Our Corporate
Culture & Interests

FEMYWALSH values innovation, collaboration, diversity, and sustainability. The company is committed to creating a supportive and inclusive work environment where employees can thrive and develop skills.

Media Broadcast

Souq News and Walsh Radio media broadcast division provides cutting-edge technology and solutions to clients in the media industry...

Executive Education

FEMYWALSH Executive Education division provides customised training programs to corporate clients in the Commonwealth...

Consulting Services

FEMYWALSH offers consulting services to help businesses develop and implement strategies that drive growth and success...

◩ The Brief

What makes us different

We are about facilitating and promoting growth and development of African businesses and the continent as a whole. While we do not discount the challenges, we intentionally amplify the growth opportunities and the hope for a better tomorrow. So, our modus operandi is mission-specific and possibilities-sensitive. Daily, we grind and strive to give a voice to the little whispers of start-ups, small businesses and even established brands of the African descent. We promote collaboration across the full spectrum of the business value chains to the point of sustainability for all the stakeholders.

◩ About us

Our identity and core values

We pride ourselves on being a unique and innovative business organization that offers a fresh perspective on the African economy. Our team of experienced journalists and industry experts have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing African economies. We are committed to providing insightful and informative news coverage, and policy-driven research beyond the surface level, highlighting the underlying issues and trends shaping the African business landscape.

Amb. Victor Walsh


Mission Statement

To empower organisations and individuals take control of their development through innovative media solutions that drive positive social and economic changes.

Vision Statement

To be the leading global media solutions provider that drives positive developmental and economic changes for organizations, communities, and societies.


We act with honesty and hold each other accountable


We collaborate to win together


We are continuously innovating learning and Improving.


We dream big & we are bold and selfless in pursuit of those drearns


We are open, inclusive. and emphatic.

Our Goals

1. To create and produce high-quality media content that promotes sustainable development, social justice, and economic growth.


2. To disseminate content to targeted audiences through various channels, including television, radio, online, and social media.


3. To partner with local organisations and communities to develop media initiatives addressing local needs and priorities.


4. To build sustainable relationships with clients and stakeholders and to continuously improve our media solutions to meet their evolving needs.

    Media Partnership Proposal    

Media Partnership Proposal

Dear Partners


I am pleased to introduce to you FEMYWALSH LIMITED, the parent company for Souq News and Walsh Radio. As the CEO, I am excited to share with you our mission, values, and unique approach to covering business news and trends. It is our hope to partner with the African business community, to help amplify their voices beyond the continent and help them gain their desired share of the global market.
Souq News is licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission, (NBC), as a digital satellite broadcasting company. We deliver accurate, relevant, engaging content that informs and inspires our viewers. Our team of experienced journalists and analysts brings deep expertise and insights to every story, delivering comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in the business world.
We believe in providing our audience with the contextual analysis they need to make informed decisions and navigate the complex and ever-changing business landscape. Whether it is breaking news, market analysis, or in-depth features, we strive to deliver insightful, engaging, and informative content.
Our commitment to journalistic excellence is matched only by our dedication to providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our business channel. We look forward to bringing you the latest business news and analysis and to be a trusted partner in reaching your audience wherever they are.



Amb. Victor Femi-Walsh
FEMYWALSH LIMITED (Owners of Souq News and Walsh Radio)

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