Brand Story

Discover the story behind our brand and how we came to be from our values to our mission, let us share our journey with you.

Our Brand Story

We believe that development becomes very challenging, if not stagnated, in the face of discouraging narratives from home and abroad. In a world that is overly negative in its representation of Africa, at least one voice should speak to the greatness, the positivity, and the potentialities of the continent. That voice is FEMYWALSH. Yes, we are that voice that speaks to the awesomeness of the African continent, and that insists that Africa should communicate positively on itself, by itself and for itself.

Therefore, we decided to make African business the central focus. If there is a clear focus, then Africa will develop and take its rightful place at the table with all other continents. This conviction is based on the abundance of human and material resources on the continent, the rise in recent times of vibrant and positive minds, and the leverage of media technology that brought about the possibility of both virtual and augmented realities.

Our Brand Architecture

As a home-grown developmental business organization, we are dedicated to working with the full spectrum of Africa’s diverse stakeholders, public sector, business leaders, inter-governmental and international organizations, academia, think tanks, and the broader civil society. To facilitate this, FEMYWALSH Incorporated has the following organs:



An innovative 24/7 Satellite, Dubai and Nigerian licensed broadcast house that focuses on Business, Economy and Development. Souq News will make full use of available data, content, and reporting techniques to inform its audience and lead them to formulate fact-based decisions and policies while harnessing the potential of smartphones and internet penetration to deliver customised adverts to worldwide audiences.

Walsh Radio

A pioneer Lagos-established online radio organ whose objective is to provide a limitless audience with not only lifetime pieces of advice but also accurate and broadband promotion of business opportunities worldwide. The radio gives a unique opportunity to women leaders, young leaders, innovators, start-ups, and business promoters to develop their brands, especially in an environment that traditionally demands a lot for brand recognition.


Walsh Post

This is a popular blog created to nurture discussions around trending news regardless of their nature.

Walsh Photography

WP aims to develop photo documentaries for individuals and corporate organisations. The subsidiary media outlet will be used for branding during corporate projects.


Broom Media

A well-known online platform aiming at not only trending politically focused news but also Health, Environment, Education, Business, Economy, IT, Food, Home, and Science related topics.

Terminal Seven

This is an ultra-equipped audio-visual studio that artists and media-preneurs can rent for movies, recording, and production.


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